YouTube Says Deletion of Crypto Videos Due to ‘Error’

YouTube announced that an “error” caused the deletion of crypto-currency videos in the past week and pledged to restore all the deleted videos, Decrypt reported a YouTube spokesman as saying last week.

“With the massive volume of videos on our site, sometimes we make the wrong call. When it’s brought to our attention that a video has been removed mistakenly, we act quickly to reinstate it,” the spokesman told the crypto news outlet.

“We also offer uploaders the ability to appeal removals and we will re-review the content,” the spokesman added.

The spokesman further indicated that the internet giant has neither amended nor changed any policies related to cryptocurrency materials.

However, he did not explain the reasons for this “error” that led to the occurrence of what crypto enthusiasts have called the purge of cryptocurrency videos.

Last week, the American video-sharing platform banned hundreds of educational videos on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in a move that provoked howls of outrage in the crypto community.

There has been a history of inconvenience between the search giant and crypto fans as Google previously banned all adverts for cryptocurrencies on claims that it tries to “tackle emerging threats”.

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