YouTube Continues Crypto Video Purge; Issues Warning

YouTube Continues Crypto Video Purge; Issues Warning

It seems that YouTube resumed its crypto purge as it has removed two videos from two different crypto platforms.

Crypto programmer Ivan on Tech said on his twitter account that YouTube has removed one of his videos on 9 March.

YouTube claimed the purge was due to “violation of community guidelines”. In addition, the video sharing platform had warned him that if this happens again, he will be prevented from upload, post and live stream for seven days.

The Moon, a technical analyst, said the Google-owned platform has deleted his latest videos on 10 March.

YouTube does it again

In 2019, the American video-sharing platform banned hundreds of educational videos on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in a move that provoked howls of outrage in the crypto community.

There has been a history of inconvenience between the search giant and crypto fans as Google previously banned all adverts for cryptocurrencies on claims that it tries to “tackle emerging threats”.

Later, YouTube announced that an “error” caused the deletion of crypto-currency videos in the past week and pledged to restore all the deleted videos.

After the video sharing platform has removed hundreds of crypto-related videos last year, crypto enthusiasts have started to look for substitute channels with some of them intending to boycott it.

In an attempt to figure out the reason why YouTube banned this huge number of materials, the founder of research group Quantum Economics noted that Google’s parent company has not explained the reasons led to this mass deletion.

Chris Dunn, who runs an investment education channel with 200,000 subscribers and a multi-year video library, had denounced the video-sharing platform as a great amount of content is still missing despite promises to reinstate all deleted videos.

After unveiling his intentions to abandon YouTube, Dunn said time has probably come to move his content to “decentralized platforms” in which there is no existence of commercial dominance over the broadcasted materials.

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