Young Developer Awarded for Crypto App

Award winning Crypto app

Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, awarded young developer Harshita Arora for her application that tracks cryptocurrency price, amid an ongoing debates with the government over the crypto policy.

Modi said on Twitter that:

“I am delighted that the very talented Harshita Arora has been conferred the Bal Shakti Puraskar 2020! She has been focussing on a wide range of sectors. Her passion towards science, technology and human welfare are clearly visible.”

The award winning 18-year old entrepreneur created an app called Crypto Price Tracker, a price tracking and portfolio management tool for cryptocurrencies.

She also worked on the “Food AI” application that identifies food in pictures, and another application that helps biologists count cells in microscope images — the aptly named “CellCount.”

It is worth noting that, the fact that prime minister gave an official honor to a crypto-included individual is especially intriguing given the conditions for the digital currency industry in India.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court of India held a number of hearing sessions in the most prominent case against the Reserve Bank of India’s restrictions on banks’ transactions with crypto-related activities.

Web and Portable Relationship of India filed this case before the highest court in the nation after open and industry-led petitions against the RBI that imposed of a sweeping restriction on banks’ administrations to crypto organizations which date back to April 2018, which happened in July of the same year.

Besides, a few legislators in the Indian parliament have drafted a bill that would boycott digital currencies in the nation. In July 2019, the press issued a leaked copy of a bill entitled “Banning of Cryptocurrency & Regulation of Official Digital Currencies”.

The award winner, Arora, shared some details about her application:

“My app received a lot of positive feedback from the crypto community and got thousands of paid downloads in the first 24 hours of launch which led it to becoming the #2 app in the Finance category of the App Store.”

It was earlier reported that the RBI had ordered local banks not to deal with individuals and companies involved in the crypto business.

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