Yoroi Warns ADA Community of a Fake EMURGO Wallet in the Market

Yoroi Wallet Tells Cardano Community EMURGO is Fake

Recently, a warning note has been sent by Yoroi Wallet to community members of the Cardano (ADA) concerning a fake EMURGO wallet being marketed to the community.

This warning was conveyed a few hours ago via Yoroi Wallet’s official Twitter handle. In the tweet, Yoroi suggested malicious marketing around the community of Cardano.

It further implored members of the community to be extremely careful when deciding to download any wallet. It concluded by directing the users to the channel where they can find the right link to download.

Yoroi Wallet shared this, “We were made aware that there is a fake EMURGO wallet being marketed to the community. Remember to be extremely cautious when downloading wallets. Please only download Yoroi Wallet from the download links provided on the official Yoroi website.”

Byron Final Upgrade to be Unveiled Next Week

According to an update made available by Cardano’s co-founder (ADA), Charles Hoskinson, the final Byron upgrade to the Daedalus wallet on the mainnet will take place next week, due to an improvement in synchronization times.

He said the synchronization times of the Daedalus wallet are getting closer to the simulation times in the laboratory, which makes the window users start experiencing times around 1 hour faster, 8 times faster than the previous record.

Charles Hoskinson also suggested that Binance, the largest trading volume exchange, is willing to support the upgrade to Byron Reboot. He said that next week the exchange will commence code integration.

He said:

“Byron reboot is looking great. It has been an overwhelming success getting 4 Daedalus Flight candidates out in 17 days. So for those who say we delay, we never ship, 4 releases in 17 days – how about that? And next week we can roll-out the last parts across all the mainnet and we are fully in the Byron reboot era, and very soon we are rolling out these Shelley testnets, just like we rolled out the Flight candidates and the Byron reboot.”

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