What Are the Best Performing Cryptocurrencies of the Week?

After the crash, it seems that Bitcoin is now able to maintain the $10,000 mark from the past seven days, and its price has even increased slightly. However, some other cryptocurrencies are also performing exceptionally well and showing strong growth. Here are the top five performing cryptocurrencies of the week.

1- yearn.finance +58%

The yearn.finance coin, known for short as YFI, came in first with the best performance in cryptocurrencies.

YFI rose by 58%, making it the main star of cryptocurrencies in the decentralised financing system, or DeFi.

The report noted that yearn.finance has recorded a huge increase since its appearance in mid-July of this year, reaching 1,000% of its value.

Yearn.finance offers several solutions to make it easier for investors to invest in DeFi.

2-  IOST +52%

IOST has also been getting attention lately, having came in third in the most recent China blockchain ranking. In addition, the coin was listed on one of the largest crypto exchanges in Japan, Coincheck.

3- DFI.money +50%

DFI.money, meanwhile, is a Chinese fork of yearn.finance with minimal changes.

The good performance of YFI among other cryptocurrencies is probably responsible for the sharp rise in this token price.

4- Celsius Network +36%

Celsius is a DeFi platform for decentralised lending on Ethereum. Users can both offer and take loans.

The general DeFi hype is probably responsible for the good performance. There have also been several updates recently from Celsius such as a new website, a new logo, and a new comprehensive software update

5- Binance Coin +35%

Binance Coin is the native coin of the Binance crypto exchange. This gives holders advantages in using the crypto exchange itself and is also used as a native coin on the Binance Chain and the Binance Smart Chain.

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