What Are Peer-To-Peer Networks?

Peer-to-peer networks

Peer-to-peer networks are a type of distributed information systems, exchange or sharing of information, data, or assets between parties without the involvement of a central authority.

In other words, computer devices connected in the peer-to-peer network could be the guest or the host in the same time.

Accordingly, every device connected to the network can provide other devices with information and at the same time it can request information from other devices connected to the network even if there are millions of devices.

Another definition of peer-to-peer network is that it is a computer network made up of a group of devices with equal sharing rights and does not contain a central device “Server” that includes everything on all these devices, but each of these devices on the network acts as a server.

Peer-to-peer network is a sophisticated system, such complexity maximizes its value. We will not be able here to explain all the details of the system in one article. But if you want more information about it you can view it through this report, titled “Peer-to-peer networks” in English, which explains everything related to this system. For Arabic readers, you can see a research in Arabic titled “Peer-to-peer networks for file sharing“.

Types of peer-to-peer network

There are three kinds of peer-to-peer network, the first of which is Disorganized P2P Network, do not impose a particular structure on the overlay network by design, but rather are formed by nodes that randomly form connections to each other.

Hybrid models: They are a combination of peer-to-peer and client-server models.

As for the third network, it is the distributed network or decentralized, and it usually works with large networks, as fewer participants requires more centralization.

How These Networks Used in Blockchain?

In the very beginning of digital currencies’ emerge, Satoshi Nakamoto creator of Bitcoin (BTC), said the cryptocurrency is a “Peer-to-peer electronic system”.

The peer-to-peer system inherent in blockchain technology, and this has allowed the transfer of digital currencies around the world, using what is called a ledger or blockchain, and across millions of devices all over the world.

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