Weiss Ratings: World Needs Systems Like Cardano

Weiss Ratings: World Needs Systems Like Cardano

Weiss Ratings has been one of the Cardano’s (ADA) admirers since the cryptography project started its journey from Byron to Shelley.

The crypto rater has acknowledged on Twitter the great efforts exerted by Cardano’s developers to release Daedalus 1.0.0, which is part of the project’s transition to Shelley.

It added that the wallet includes excellent features. Weiss also expressed strong interest in IOHK’s project, stating that the crypto market needs projects like Cardano (ADA) to take over the world.

The crypto rater wrote:

Cardano has launched Daedalus 1.0, its full node wallet for ADA users, as a part of Cardano’s transition from Byron to Shelley. The wallet provides highly secure transactions and a refined UI. Future versions will support custom tokens and more.

Good to see the team at IOHK continuing to plow ahead. We need systems like Cardano’s ready to step up and take over a world where the legacy system is on its death throes.

Cardano produces first block for ‘Shelley’ mainnet

Cardano has announced producing the first block for the upcoming ‘Shelley’ mainnet.

Shelley is developed with the purpose of transforming Cardano into a fully decentralized proof-of-stake network.

It helps holders of Cardano’s ADA cryptocurrency to power the network and earn rewards.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), said Shelley is in an early stage of testing with “friends and family.” For months, Cardano has been testing its staking system separately. He added that his company aims to bring Shelley through a series of tests, and launch the network gradually in coming period.

Hoskinson tweeted:

“Meanwhile in Cardano land, a Wizard arrives precisely when he means to!”

Twitter user ‘Daniel Epstein’ replied to the tweet by asking:

“I’m guessing this is the new hybrid core nodes creating the first block with d set at 1?”

Hoskinson replied:

“Not quite yet, friends and family infrastructure slowly turning on. But we are getting much closer to the hybrid phase.”

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