UK Tech Startup Launches Blockchain-Powered Platform for Farmers

UK Tech Startup Launches Blockchain-Powered Platform for Farmers

Agriledger, a UK-based technology firm, has launched a blockchain-based platform for Haitian farmers, providing transparency to the supply chain and increasing sales.

Thus, the platform aims to ensure farmers get a justified price for their crops. In addition, it designates registered farmers with an ID number.

Moreover, farmers will be firmly associated with the digital supply chain.

Going forward, the company plans to develop a software-as-a-service “SaaS” through which suppliers and retailers can contact. The supply chain management has become a proper use case for blockchain technology.

Moreover, the firm helps farmers tokenize their goods, allowing them access to peer-to-peer transactions.

Accordingly, Agriledger has provided a more transparent blockchain-based solution than that which existed in the area before.

Agriledger keeps data privacy

Parties can now trust the accuracy of the data they interact with, which allows farmers to obtain loans and receive other financial services.

The ecosystem also touts wallets and digital payments, which enhances the added benefits such as convenience and speed.

Just a few weeks ago, Avril Group, a nutrition-specialized company, began using the food trust blockchain network for its supply chain.

AB InBev, the owner of Budweiser, earlier unveiled a blockchain-enabled system to help African farmers improve their income. 

The system, which was developed in collaboration with BanQu, is mainly aimed at tracking AB InBev’s domestic suppliers of barley and malt.

“And now this farmer, who was never bankable — because she couldn’t prove income of any source, had no reports, or material or paperwork — now in a flip phone, she has in the blockchain proof that she is a supplier to AB InBev, a global company,” said AB InBev CEO Carlos Brito.

The move will help suppliers prove their income to local banks through opening bank accounts. In addition, the system allows farmers to increase their returns.

The BanQu product is widely used by thousands of farmers in Uganda and India. The blockchain industry has revived in Uganda, especially as Binance opened its branch in the African country in 2018.

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