U.S. Navy Implantable Microchips with Ripple Affects Confidence in XRP

U.S. Navy Implantable Microchips with Ripple Affects Confidence in XRP

Catherine Fitts, president of Solari Inc., said the U.S. Navy has hired a tech firm a year ago to develop implantable microchips compatible with Ripple, U-Today website reported Monday.

Chips to integrate with Ripple

Kevin Cage, crypto enthusiast, retweeted a video from @xrp_stuart. In the video, Fitts said a year ago she accessed data showing that the U.S. Navy hired a Danish tech firm to develop microchips compatible with the Ripple blockchain.

However, Fitts has not given any further details about the deal. She indicated that her information should be trusted since she had broad experience in Denmark’s IT business.

“They had one of the tech firms in Denmark [which] was being paid by the US Navy to come up with a chip that could be implanted in the human body that could integrate with Ripple.

“Ripple is crypto and it’s the one that’s gotten a lot of promotion from the American establishment in my experience, just my impression.”

Community’s response

The crypto community has responded negatively to the news. Some believe that the news is not trustworthy as there is no evidence if the chips were used in human specimens.

Other users think the news is just propaganda to defame the crypto community. On the other hand, some believe that the move aims to bring humanity under the control of crypto, which is going too far actually.

The “JOKER”, who used to post XRP charts, indicated that the video is negative for Ripple, XRP and the whole community.

“This video is very negative for #Ripple first then #XRP ethically. $Crypto was supposed to free us not to enslave humanity.”

Recently, Cryptolydian has reported that Ripple’s developers submitted a proposal allowing users to exchange transactions using the XRP ledger (XRPL).

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