Twitter Releases Emjois for Bitcoin; Will Telegram Follow Suit?

Twitter Releases Bitcoin Emjois; Will Telegram Follow Suit?

Jack Dorsey, CEO of popular social networking service Twitter, decided to release emojis for Bitcoin as of February 2. This raised concern if the other giant messaging companies like Telegram will follow suit.

Thus, when a Twitter user types Bitcoin, a picture showing its symbol will appear next to it.

Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO, used the emoji and suggested that the cryptocurrency community should also use it. He said “Let’s do this.”

This is not the first foray in blockchain by Dorsey who is also the CEO and founder of mobile payment application Square.

In early December 2019, he said Twitter has a dedicated team to develop a de-centralized social media framework.

It is unclear who suggested that Bitcoin should be added to Twitter emoji list. However, several crypto fans have remained skeptical about the idea’s impact on Bitcoin price.  

The inclusion of Bitcoin on Twitter emoji list may not go well with regulators. The US Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has listed Bitcoin as an asset.

A famous crypto fan IvanOnTech said the move has improved BTC fundamentals by 10 percent, expecting the currency to hit the $100,000 mark.

Square has recently been granted a patent for an invention that potentially breaks a present barrier in crypto-monetary merchant transactions by providing a real-time system that exchanges crypto for fiat money.

Dorsey earlier said:

“This decade was Bitcoin just warming up”.

The optimistic assessment is not a shoot for the moon. Bitcoin was named the best investment of the decade by Bank of America. It is attracting more miners as hashrate steadily and strongly increased since Jan 2018.

Going ahead, investors have the opportunity to benefit from high-gain assets such as BTC, and mitigate their risk exposure through investing in traditional stock indices.

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