TRX-Ledger Deal Reflects Further Expansion in Crypto Industry

TRX-Ledger Deal Reflects Further Expansion in Crypto Industry

Tron Foundation has described listing its TRX coin on Ledger wallet’s Ledger Live as an attempt for expansion in the crypto industry.

 “It was in our mutual interest, to further develop and promote the crypto ecosystem,” a Tron representative told Cointelegraph.

“The rapid growth in the crypto and blockchain space is evident and the users demand more functions and creative solutions to advance the security, usability, and all-in-one stop.”

Listing offers more options

On 16 April, TRX coin was listed on Ledger Live software. The move provides users with staking capability.

Although Ledger had previously hosted TRX compatibility and staking feature, users had to use third-party apps to access them. The representative said:

“Every third-party wallet with the Ledger’s public SDK can store TRX in the Ledger hardware wallet.”

“This collaboration further improves the user experience and provide more options to users in the crypto space.”

Security is a vital aspect for user protection, especially in this industry that is viable to hacks. Tron representative described security as a crucial feature of the crypto industry.

“Ledger’s team has re-engineered the transactions system and, further enhanced a step-by-step way to send and receive cryptocurrency assets,” the representative said.

“Features, like on-screen guidance that raises the accuracy of these critical processes and more advanced features for users who seek more control over transactions and portfolio management.”

Ledger Live allows its users to manage their Tron addresses. In addition, users can stake their TRX directly from the app.

The company stated:

“You can now manage your Tron (TRX) into Ledger Live and stake them, which means getting rewards without doing anything!”

To celebrate TRX support, Ledger has announced holding a contest. 100 users of the participants will win up to $2,000 in TRX and a Ledger Nano X.

Hardware wallet most secure for average user

Away from the systems that may be either complicated or too expensive, hardware wallets could be the most secure place to store one’s cryptocurrencies.

However, having the wallet doesn’t mean that the user will not be subject to steal. Thus, he must be mindful that the recovery seed of his wallet should never be revealed to a computer.

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