TronWallet Supports Ethereum with Advanced Release

TronWallet Supports Ethereum with Advanced Release

TronWallet, a secure and decentralized peer to peer (P2P) crypto wallet, has added support to Ethereum through launching the 3.2 release, which will be followed by several significant upgrades this year.

2020 roadmap

The firm started the second quarter of 2020 with the assertion that Ethereum is a licensed cryptocurrency and its blockchain is moving ahead.

The addition follows the integration of Tron and Bitcoin in the wallet amid growing demand for completing the move.

The company has more to achieve in the future, including a new brand and new websites that are next in the list.

TronWallet will focus on amending the staking of TWX token at 5-10 percent, and then establishing a stable Bitcoin (BTCD).

In addition, the company will work on Samsung Integration, and develop a secure multi-chain wallet.

At the end of the second quarter, TronWallet will seek to add more than 10 main coins and develop a new referral program to increase awareness.

In the third quarter, the company will add Stable Brazilian Real (BLRX) and more traditional fiat currency.

At the end of the year, TronWallet will launch the Gods of Arena Crowdfunding service (GODS), and will finally roll out the TWX Gamification Engine.

TronWallet Allows Bitcoin/ USDT Swap

Cryptolydian earlier reported that TronWallet has launched the latest version of an app that allows users to swap Bitcoin (BTC) for Tether (USDT).

The latest version will be available on Apple Store and Google Play Store.

The solution will include a variety of attractive features, such as swap of BTC/USDT, low exchange rate and low swap prices.

Additionally, the new interface will have a feature called VIP Tier Feature that would help users decrease swap fees.

Thus, the upgrade will add to the popularity of TRONWallet.

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