TRON Foundation to Unleash 33Bn TRX in 2020

Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun

The TRON Foundation will offer 33 billion TRX ($442 million) in the coin market as of the first of January 2020, the non-profit organization tweeted last Friday.

The organization, which is presided by the Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun, has not set a clear strategy to use the funds, the tweet showed.

But the foundation watching out the affairs of TRX assets has asked the crypto-community to put forward ideas about the purposes in which this offering can be utilized.

The opinion poll could enable the foundation to have a good judgement on how the crypto market will react to this enormous offering.

Some fans felt positively suggesting potential targets that most importantly include founding a coin burn, investing in partnerships, or advanceining the crypto exchange Poloniex, which has been recently purchased by the foundation CEO Justin Sun.

One the other hand, a group of audience voiced considerable concerns over some possible negative impacts on the price action and the total value of TRX assets.

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