Top Crypto Players Forecast Industry to Grow Further in 2020

The crypto industry has witnessed robust growth in 2019; thus it was dubbed as a transformative technology by public and private institutions around the world.

Looking forward to 2020, blockchain technology users will further focus enhanced services and tool offerings that fulfill their needs.

Some industry leaders expressed their views about the blockchain industry in 2020 to Cointelegraph website.

Erik Voorhees, chief executive of ShapeShift, a Swiss-based exchange, said, “For 2020, I’d like to see perception of crypto assets return back to a balanced state. By this I mean, in 2017 every crypto in existence was worth a gazillion dollars (which was crazy), and in 2018/2019, there has been a similarly overly pessimistic view (anything other than Bitcoin is worthless). Both extremes are misguided, so I’d like to see the quality projects start to be differentiated more clearly from the garbage projects.”

In order to become a trillion-dollar asset, the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin is in need of the cycles of price bubbles.

“There have to be bubbles in crypto because crypto is taking over the world, and it’s not just going to advance 5% per month without end,” Voorhees earlier said.

In the same context, Valery Vavilov, chief executive of Bitfury Group, the world’s leading blockchain technology company, said, “I hope that more people, companies and governments around the world will choose to do good, driven by inner values that focus on making the world more trusted, livable and secure for all of us.”         

Daniel Larimer, chief technology officer of, an open-source software publisher, said he is mainly focusing on integrity, and blockchain’s inherent qualities help create integrity in design.

Larimer said his company seeks to collaborate with everyone in the ecosystem that facilitates integrity in society. “Instead of ‘don’t be evil,’ we’re going to create systems where we CAN’T be evil. There’s a lot of tribalism in the cryptocurrency space. At the end of the day, if blockchain wins, we all win.”

Blockchain and cryptocurrency industries would grow with more inclusion and more use cases in 2020.

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