Tezos Co-Founder to Roll out Trading Card Game in April

Tezos Co-Founder to Roll out Trading Card Game in April

Getting cards to play digital games like Hearthstone is a problem facing players. Thus, Coase – a company established by Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman – seeks to handle this issue with its new game; Emergents.

The latest app, whose alpha edition will be launched in April, comes as the market of online card games reaches nearly $2 billion in size and outbreak of coronavirus forced players indoors.

Breitman said:

“Providing optionality makes people feel better and also it promotes experimentation, which is something that seems to have been lost in the transition to digital.”

There are two types of collectible card games. The original analog edition, Magic: The Gathering, which is currently the most profitable franchise in the Hasbro portfolio, and the Hearthstone, which brings approx. $400 million to its owners Blizzard Entertainment. However, both of them have issues with the process of distributing the cards.

Third Co-founder Brian David-Marshall said:

“Coase has an economic model for doing a collectible card game on the blockchain that captures a lot of what makes physical card games great.”

Like Bitcoin on the Square’s Cash App, Coase will be the seller and buyer of Emergents cards, effectively functioning as a market maker.

Cards will have a fixed supply, while their prices will fluctuate according to demand. New cards will be issued and sold at a low price on the site.

In addition, the company may buy back the cards at almost 95 percent of their value.

David-Marshall said:

“One of the things we wanted to take advantage of with this blockchain technology is giving people the opportunity to feel really smart.”

Developers turn to blockchain gaming

Eric Schiermeye, developer of FarmVille game, has decided to move into the blockchain-based gaming industry.

Blockchain Game Partners, whose CEO is Schiermeyer, has declared that it is developing a blockchain-powered app named ‘Gala’.

The app will offer players full ownership of in-game items depicted as non-fungible tokens. The items would be available through various Gala-built games.

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