Tezos Co-founder: Emergents Could Be Launched on Another Blockchain

Tezos Co-founder Says Emergents Could Be Launched on Another Blockchain

Kathleen Breitman, co-founder of Tezos, announced last month launching the Emergents card game, which is the first product introduced by blockchain company Coase.

The Emergents announcement stated that it would be based on Tezos blockchain. However, the co-founder indicated that the game could be launched on another blockchain, according to Crypto News Flash website.

Emergents to solve issues of Magic

The card game is in its initial stage, and it aims to solve the issues of Magic and establish an economic and competitive system through utilizing the blockchain technology.

The players will be able to purchase and own the cards they want on the platform. The cards will be tokenized in Tezos blockchain.

On 5 April, Breitman said her company has not decided on which platform the game would be launched.

Breitman added:

“The white paper doesn’t describe any feature that could not be satisfied by any other smart contract platform. I have an obligation to my investors to pick a platform with certain properties, and I am not bound to Tezos.”

The co-founder could choose Ethereum, EOS, TRON or one of other competitors, but Breitman said that she “reservations for every other platform”.

Uncertainty about the launch of Emergents was due to a debate about the departure of Arthur Breitman from the Tezos’ technical advisory board.

Arthur Brittman said:

“bowed out from already minimal activities after receiving veiled threats.”

While the Tezos community asked for more information, but the co-founder did not give any other details so far. Some criticized Breitman for not clarifying that the game would not be based on Tezos blockchain.

Tezos has clear way for growth

The foundation has recently decided to settle a $25 million class-action claim filed by several investors. The move reflects the foundation’s plan to boost investor confidence, which triggered a strong rally, the Currency Analytics website reported.

Sydney Ifergan, crypto expert, said on his Twitter account:

“Tezos are settling on the most expensive legal distraction for the benefit of the platform.  The foundation has con

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