Telos Partnerships Bring Blockchain Features to Unity and Steam’s Games

Telos Partnerships Bring Blockchain Features to Unity and Steam’s Games

Telos, the second most active blockchain, announced partnerships with three gaming companies bringing blockchain features to games on the Unity and Steam platforms.

Telos’ partnership with Blockbastards will see the network hosting the upcoming Qudo platform for the company as well as providing marketing and technical assistance.

Qudo is a token-based reward mechanism that revolves around gameplay proofing that can be integrated into any game that is built using the Unity platform. Users can be rewarded for achieving certain goals, or simply racking up playing hours.

Over 3.3 billion devices have run games built on the platform over the past year, according to Unity’s own figures, so Qudo could potentially see a massive audience exposed to crypto-currency rewards.

The platform allows developers to focus on the gameplay experience, adding rewards for cryptocurrency without the need for prior experience in blockchain.

Blockbastards Managing Director João Abrantes said:

“In traditional gaming, we’ve seen that in-game credit systems tend to make the most money, and now we can offer this same experience on-chain with Qudo, running on the Telos network.”

Farm Game and Area X Add a Competitive Edge

The other two partnerships Telos has announced are with Farm Game and Area X.

The Farm Game platform allows to bet on games like Counter Strike, DOTA 2 and others on the Steam service. In addition, sponsors can create online competition matches by offering Telos (TLOS) tokens as prizes.

The Steam platform supported more than 34,000 games and more than 95 million active monthly users as of 2019.

Area X is a free HTML 5 games social network, built on the Telos blockchain and awarding prizes in TLOS and other tokens. Area X also holds tournaments where players are paying a small entry fee, hoping to win more tokens.

Telos Foundation CEO Suvi Rinkinen expressed the company’s desire to support the development of blockchain-based games, stating, “There are numerous benefits to integrating blockchain technology into games, and we look forward to working with Qudo, Area X, and Farm Game to ensure Telos helps them maximize their performance.”

But Telos isn’t purely focused on gaming. The company has recently partnered with Genobank to launch an app that will help people access anonymous COVID-19 testing.

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