Stellar Says Core v13.0.0rc3 Version Available for Testing

Stellar Says Core v13.0.0rc3 Available for Testing

Stellar Development has announced placing the Stellar Core v13.0.0rc3 version under testing, according to a blog post by the cryptographic project.

The company also explained that XLM mainnet has processed more than 1 billion operations since its release in 2015.

Stellar (XLM) project aims to establish a decentralized platform to link banks, payment networks, and individuals to make money transfer secure, fast, and cost-efficient.

The new version includes several changes such as support for the long-awaited Protocol 13. In addition, the version will implement several functional improvements, like CAP-0015, CAP-0018, CAP-0027, CAP-0028 and CAP-0030.

The cryptographic project also said vote to the network upgrade is expected to take more than a month, noting that a new version that is able to support the implementation of protocol 13 will be released by Horizon and every Stellar SDK.

Stellar mainnet achievements

According to the blog post, the operations processed by the mainnet reached 1,015,345,121 operations since its release in September 2015.

OrbitLens stated:

“This event has passed largely unnoticed, but I think we should really celebrate this. Stellar mainnet processed 𝟏 𝐛𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐨𝐧 operations (1,015,345,121 at the time of writing) since its launch in Sep 2015.”

Stellar community’s proposal

Recently, the community has discussed a new proposal, titled “Stellar Ecosystem Proposal: SEP-30 Recoversigner: multi-party key management of Stellar accounts”.

They propose that users should be able to access their accounts after losing their Stellar private keys.

“Using this protocol, the user or wallet will preregister the account and a phone number or email with two or more servers implementing the SEP, and it will add those servers as signers of the account. No individual server will have control of the account, but collectively, they can help the individual recover access to the account. It’s essentially a standard for a robust multi-signature implementation.”

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