SOCIETY2 Launches IOTA-Powered Social Network

SOCIETY2 Launches IOTA-Powered Social Network

Traditional social networks have lost confidence of several users due to several scandals, especially after having become an important part of daily life. To overcome this issue, the SOCIETY2 team has developed an IOTA-based ecosystem that returns control of data, privacy and identity to users, Crypto News Flash website reported.

SOCIETY2, which is based on the Distributed Ledger platform (DLT), allows the development of decentralized social networks (DeSM).

After the launch of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that has revolutionized the Ethereum ecosystem, SOCIETY2 is trying to take the next move “beyond finance”: information. Its purpose is simply to enable social network users to reclaim their choice and return control to users over the content shared on the Internet.

For his part, Ben Royce, head of development at SOCIETY2, said:

“Why are we handing the details of our personal lives over to corporations to mine and profit off us? Why don’t we control that, why don’t we profit off that.”

Accordingly, SOCIETY2 was designed as an alternative to conventional social networking, which centralizes the users’ information and deprives them from control on data. In comparison, the SOCIETY2 provides freedom, choice and control.

User data is stored securely through the use of DLT technology. Moreover, the information is “portable”, which means that users who are not satisfied with SOCIETY2 can move quickly to another one.

“(…) this should encourage a healthy marketplace of platforms ready to compete for our content or attention.”

How SOCIETY2 built on IOTA?

We should remember that users of SOCIETY2 can build and operate their own social networks. SOCIETY2 allows this through the IOTA Streams system.

“IOTA Streams is a framework for cryptographic applications and SOCIETY2 is working on extending this functionality to serve as a tool chest of standard social media functions, with those extensions collectively packaged as a software framework for platforms (think apps, forums, sites and more) to use in publishing social media content.

A library of methods, properties, events, etc., common across all social media examples, can be abstracted out, for use by anyone. All sorts of sites and apps can be quickly instantiated.”

Royce said on his Twitter account:

“In a nutshell: extend #IOTA Streams to allow easy creation, moderation, and contribution to a constellation of #DeSM sites/ apps… as long as you host a node, you are in the social media business. 67-100% of the logic #opensource , already done for you…”

Cryptolydian earlier reported that BiiLabs, IOTA’s long-term partner, has announced cooperating with Kdan Mobile, Taiwanese software development company.

The deal aims to integrate the Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) into Kdan’s “DottedSign”. Moreover, BiiLabs will use the IOTA-based Alfred API.

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