Ripple signs partnership with Thailand Crypto Exchange

Ripple and Bitkub, a Thailand-based cryptocurrency exchange, announced a partnership under which the exchange Ripple will be able to cross-border XRP transactions.

Bitkub’s CEO, Topp Jirayut said:

“Ripple is one of the key players for banks to realize significant benefits. Ripple is to establish an institutional, cross-border payment with XRP, an open source for access and participation in the public sector of XRP cash flow – a stand-alone digital currency used to facilitate transactions on the Ripple network.”

He added that Bitkub is joining the RippleNet program, with a mission of helping people easily utilize cryptocurrency as a transaction protocol on the back-end in order to receive, as well as money transfer, at a fraction of the cost across the world.

Ripple earlier concluded several partnerships with several exchanges, including US-based Bittrex, Mexico-based Bitso, Singapore-based Bitrue, Philippines-based and Luxembourg-based Bitstamp.

Meanwhile, Ripple has recently announced a collaboration with Thailand’s oldest bank SCB to provide a remittance service called SCB Easy, which is a mobile application that offers overseas payments at low costs.

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