Ripple Launches New Versions of XRP Ledger with Smart Features

Ripple Launches New Versions of XRP Ledger with Smart Features

Xpring, the commercial arm of Ripple, has released the new versions (1.5.0 and 1.6.0 -b1) for its XRP Ledger.

In a blog post, Xpring stated that the new versions have new features that aim to improve the services offered to clients.  

The 1.5.0 version supports the gRPC API and API versioning. In addition, it includes an improved delivery method, handshaking protocol and other bug fixes.

The release also reads:

On Wednesday, 2020-04-15, rippled version 1.5.0 will be deployed on the XRP Ledger Testnet, which is also hosted by the Xpring team at Ripple, to give developers an environment for testing their applications with faux XRP that mirrors the latest stable version running on XRP Ledger Mainnet.

The Xpring team will also update its version of the XRP Ledger mainnet servers, to include clusters and validators that will be upgraded to version 1.5.0.  

We encourage rippled server operators to review the proposed upgrade to rippled version 1.5.0, learn more about the Amendments above, and upgrade to rippled version 1.5.0 by Wednesday 2020-04-29 in order to ensure service continuity.

As for the 1.6.0 b-1, the XRP Ledger Devnet was updated with the aim of allowing developers to have access to this update.

Emi Yoshikawa, head of global operations at Ripple, said:

“Even in this kind of environment, XRP Ledger continues to work hard every day, settling about 20k ledgers a day, and keeps evolving through a version upgrade!”

Bank of America confirms relationship with Ripple

Julie Harris, head of global banking at Bank of America (BofA), shed light on the lender’s relationship with Ripple as relevant details have been mysterious for years.

Harris said in the latest Treasury Insights podcast that the BofA’s first goal is to make sure that its customers can enjoy any service offered anywhere, anytime.

She added that the bank’s second goal is to ensure the possibility of integrating new solutions and keeping pace with the rapid developments in the fintech industry.

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