Ripple CTO Unveils Strategy for XRPL Robustness Issues

Ripple CTO Unveils Strategy for XRPL’s Robustness Issues

Tiffany Hayden, a major XPR supporter, said XRPL transactions have almost halted, due to lack of a decentralized or sustainable network, the Coin Republic website reported.

Hayden added that the network has failed due to the impact of the human factor.

Accordingly, David Schwartz, Ripple CTO, replied to this statement, saying XRPL has some robustness issues which seem abnormal for a huge mass of blockchains. However, Schwartz indicated that he has a strategy to rebuild it, thinking of the suggestion a few months ago.

Hyden sells all XPR assets

Despite being a major XPR supporter, she has sold off all of her XRP currencies. Meanwhile, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee did the same with his Litecoin assets. Hayden’s outburst on the shortcomings of Ripple led to the unexpected statement from Ripple CTO.

Hayden has warned that if the exchange continues to use the system that is based on the human factor, they would be disappointed because the ledger has no strong framework.

She also sees interest in the cryptocurrency fading, not because it was not designed for the public use, but because investors do not want to use it. However, it is not clear whether her last statement is driven by emotions, but the XRP community is growing, and the digital assets has witnessed remarkable performance over the last days.

In a recent interview with CNN, TRON CEO Justin Sun unveiled his positive outlook on the cryptocurrency, indicating that he owns large quantities of XRP and Ethereum.

Sun also said the Bitcoin will likely rally to $100,000 and will drive the other cryptocurrencies with it to the sky.

Recent milestones achieved by TRON

Cryptolydian reported Sun as highlighting the recent milestones achieved by his company.

Tronscan data showed that the number of contracts launched on Tron platform exceeded 30,000, of which 638 were already verified.

Sun tweeted that the number decentralized apps launched on the platform grows rapidly. He noted:   

“At the moment, it totals 724.”

In addition, the CEO pointed to the instant growth in the number of active users and trading volume.

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