Ripple and XRP Best Payment Solutions in Current Conditions – Report

Ripple and XRP Best Payment Solutions in Current Conditions; Report

While some see Ripple (XRP) as a body blow, most people in the crypto community believe the company is still on its way to becoming one of the most successful solutions for global payments. For its large community, deep partnerships and several significant developments and events, Ripple has been noted.

Ripple’s XRP has faced many critiques and pessimistic views from analysts up to this time, when the entire cryptocurrency market has been struggling in most of the cycles.

XRP, however, still finds itself in the conversation of the best asset to be considered in the crypto market. There’s a lot to argue about regarding Ripple. Yet, in this article, we’re going to talk about the latest partnerships and events that made Ripple as one of the top payment solutions in crypto space to maintain its position.

Successful Partnerships

In June 2019, Ripple announced a strategic partnership with MoneyGram that will allow the money transfer behemoth to leverage XRP as part of MoneyGram’s cross-border payment process in foreign exchange settlements.

Now, as its renowned partner MoneyGram has brought out a new instant settlement service and has also revealed that it will expand its use of Ripple’s remittance products, Ripple has countless things going on.

In addition, this year the Spanish bank Santander plans to extend the Ripple-powered international payment system One Pay FX to Mexico.

In March, Ripple announced a $200,000 grant to two non-profit organizations, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and the Tipping Point Community, in the fight against and containment of coronavirus spread in the United States. These and many more events show how Ripple as a top-payment solution still dominates. By Ripple’s CEO, the aim is to become the crypto-world’s Amazon by 2025.

Ripple is still developing and has what it takes to continue its quest to provide a cross-border payment system that is quick, easy and very cheap. There is no doubt that Ripple will ultimately become the top choice for payment solution. The current world crises may have done more harm than good, but we are waiting to see what the future holds for Ripple as the market continues to grow.

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