Preventing Coronavirus Spread, Bitcoin Cash Meetups in Japan Go Virtual

Preventing Coronavirus Spread, Bitcoin Cash Meetups in Japan Go Virtual

The crypto community in Japan has found a way for those who seek to avoid crowded places to still participate in countrywide meetups.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) meetup groups in Osaka and Tokyo will allow members to chime in virtually at regularly scheduled events, according to sources.

Although Japan has less than 1000 reported cases of infection, crypto birthplace companies and organizers are beginning to offer more suggestive language in advertisements to curb the spread of the disease. That is, people should work from home, cut down on public transit time and not attend large gatherings.

Originally the Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Meetup group had two meetings scheduled for March that had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, on March 17th, BCH meeting organizer Akane Yokoo notified group members — named “cashers” or “Bitcoiners” — that the meetings would be held virtually instead:

“Our virtual meetups will start this coming Wednesday March 18th from 7:30pm and we plan to host every Wednesday at the same time when our physical meetups happen.”

However, high-demand items such as toilet paper, masks, and hand sanitizer are still not as available in Japan as they were before the coronavirus outbreak, making it difficult for people in groups at risk to attend physical BCH meetups. However, Yokoo suggested that visiting meetings in person was also possible for those who are comfortable and are taking necessary precautions:

“Even though we do not want to encourage members to go out and get sick, members should be free to do whatever they choose to do. If they choose to get together physically, the merchants are open for business as usual.”

Japan Events Postponed or Delayed

With more crypto firms around the world suggesting or ordering employees to work from home, conferences and meetings on blockchain and cryptocurrency were also taking similar actions to combat coronavirus spread.

Unfortunately, not all events in Japan have managed to move into the virtual world so successfully. The TEAMZ Blockchain Summit – Japan’s largest blockchain conference – was scheduled for April 22–23, but was rescheduled to September 28. Public gatherings have also been discouraged for Tokyo’s cherry blossom season, with the flowers predicted to start blooming next week.

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