Paybito Lists 10 New Altcoins from Different Geographies

Paybito Lists 10 New Altcoins from Different Geographies

PayBito, a cryptocurrency exchange based in the US, has announced that it will list 10 new altcoins from various geographies.

The exchange will complete the cryptocurrency listing in the first quarter of this year, according to a press release published Monday, .

PayBito has decided to support emerging altcoins, owing to its premier position in the US crypto market.

Managing Director Raj Chowdhury said:

“We have world’s leading cryptocurrencies listed under the PayBito platform, but this time around we want to initiate emerging altcoins, ones that have shown fair credibility and potential for growth. Besides, easy access to these new altcoins will also expand the trading options for our customers.”

“I feel that such a collaborative approach will show positive results towards the overall progression of the crypto industry,” he added.

How can emerging altcoins benefit from the listing?

PayBito has taken the lead among the US-based crypto exchanges. In addition, due to the steady rise in trade volumes, it has outpaced Kraken, LAToken and other well-known crypto platforms over the past few months.

In addition, the altcoins would gain access to PayBito’s state-of-the-art infrastructure.

“PayBito has a 4 layered architecture, which is Web, Application, Blockchain database, and primary database. Accordingly, this is way ahead of the conventional cyber resilience solutions that even the major organizations use today,” the company stated in the release.

“Moreover, the cybersecurity system prevents intrusions, ensures higher availability, and maintains faster uptime with zero data loss in the unlikely scenario of a cyber-attack.”

Thus, listing under PayBito allows emerging altcoins support and offers a secure forum to lure new traders.

It is worth noting that the current PayBito trading volume stands at almost $1.7 billion (equal to BTC 165,700).

Cryptolydian earlier reported Andrew Yang as talking about digital assets and their potential impact on local economy ahead of the upcoming caucuses of Iowa State.

In addition, the US presidential candidate said the cryptocurrency industry needs a uniform set of regulations.

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