Over 100 Million People Use Cryptocurrency: Study


A new Cambridge University study has revealed that over 100 million people use cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, according to Cointelegraph

Cryptocurrency is now gaining more attention than ever from many countries around the world, such as France. Besides, the incorporation of blockchain technology into systems keeps gaining popularity.

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance has announced that since late 2020, around 191 million accounts have been created globally. 

The study further notes that most cryptocurrency activity occurs at exchanges in North America and Europe. About 40% of registered accounts are active.

The Asia Times reports that there has been a sharp rise in cryptocurrency users in recent times, amounting to 189%. There has been also a 37% increase in accounts at cryptocurrency exchanges. The increased transparency about account holder identity allowed an estimate of accounts and how many people use those accounts.

The methodology behind the study included public surveys and data taken from cryptocurrency exchanges involving the identity of account holders. The study authors believe it provides a true and accurate estimate of the global number of cryptocurrency users.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have been on the rise recently, mainly because of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic fallout due to lockdowns.

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