ODEM Offers Blockchain Solution for Schools Disrupted by Coronavirus

ODEM Launches Blockchain-Based Solution for Schools Disrupted Coronavirus

ODEM, an on-demand education marketplace, has announced that it will provide a platform for schools and universities that have been disrupted by the coronavirus.

The company stated that it offers a free online education platform for teachers to continue educating students until they can return schools and universities.

 CEO Richard Maaghul said:

“The coronavirus is a big concern for us and we want to make sure that we do everything possible to assist in keeping the education doors open, even if it has to be virtual.”

The powerful and secure platform can also be integrated to schools’ existing learning management system. It provides integrated registration, education management and certification for teachers to conduct online classrooms.

COO Johanna Maaghul said:

“We are able to track students’ activity working remotely so that when students go back to school, the institutions are able to track what they’ve accomplished and register that on the blockchain and even bring it back into their traditional accreditation systems.”

In addition, the platform helps teachers to issue digital achievement certificates that can be used to track progress. The company hopes its streamlined approach can help overcome the disruption of education worldwide.

“A positive outcome from these circumstances may well be a future where we are able to better prepare for not only how we manage healthcare in such crises, but access to education as well,” Maaghul said.

How can Blockchain combat coronavirus?

Technology companies have begun using blockchain to provide solutions aimed at tracking drug supply chains.

Some organizations are also testing the blockchain capabilities in tracking medical supplies and managing health records.

Moreover, governments and health authorities will use the Blockchain technology in advising citizens and learning about the symptoms of coronavirus disease.

The blockchain may also contribute to tracking donations in favor of efforts to combat the “Covid 19”.

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