NEXO Says Interest Rates to Remain at 8% Despite Tough Conditions

NEXO Says Interest Rates to Remain at 8% Despite Tough Conditions

With the whole world seeking to be resilient in the current crisis, NEXO, the world’s largest and most trusted lending institution, has stated, “Despite the market meltdown, Nexo, the Largest and Most Trusted Lending Institution ‘Earn Interest’ rates will remain a stable 8% through these tumultuous times.”

The institution also showed how it can maintain its excellent service despite the current uncertainty in global finance.

Nexo went up to say:

“It’s lucky St. Patrick‘s Day! The most fortunate time to start earning passive income with your digital pot of gold & Nexo‘s “Earn Interest Product”!  Let your assets work for you & get 8% APY & daily compounding interest.”

Nexo has recently expressed honor for being honored at ADVFN International Financial Awards 2020.

The institution continued to discuss how the global interest rate will be below zero and how it can help investors gain 8 percent of their USD, EUR, GBP and stablecoins.

Sydney Ifergan, crypto expert, said on his Twitter account:

“It is surprising to see NEXO all positive like they have their business economy on another planet. Do they mean what they say? And during tough economic times, how is it possible? Guarantee!”

NEXO strong financial organizations

NEXO continues to talk about investments operating at annual percentage yield (APY) of 8 percent amid intensive sell-off.

It has recently tweeted:

“Despite the severe sell-off, all Nexo services and systems function normally with no downtime, so it is business as usual over here. We are processing transactions as always so that all of you can weather the storm by continuing to borrow and earn at our attractive rates.”

At the time of writing, NEXO rose 7.56 percent to $0.1093. It ranks 69th with a market cap of $61.52 million.

Earlier, Cryptolydian reported that lending and borrowing in the crypto space are increasing, which draws regulators’ attention to impose interest on the digital assets.

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