Massive Outburst in Bitcoin Transfers from Unknown Wallets

After a surge in bitcoin price earlier today, major crypto exchange platforms has seen an intense wave of bitcoin transfers mounting to 65 million in US dollars. Whale Alert, a Twitter account that provides live tracking of large crypto transactions from and to exchanges, reported in a series of tweets transfers in huge amounts of money in bitcoin to and from the Bitstamp exchange and Binance crypto trading giant in the course of just a few hours.

This may have to do with a surge in bitcoin price, allegedly as a repercussion of the US killing of Top Iranian Officer in the early hours of Friday.

The Whale Alert reported several transfers between unknown wallets and Binance worth almost 30 million dollars. A few hours later, the account reported in one hour three transactions worth 45 million dollars between Bitstamp and unknown wallets as well.

Source: Twitter

Yuri Molchan of suggests this is more about “Bitcoin whales awaking” than the US attack, citing a similar tremendous amounts of XRP transfers that started with the beginning of the new year.

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