Major HR Firm Randstad Adopts Blockchain in Recruitment

Major HR Firm Randstad Adopts Blockchain in Recruitment

Netherlands-based Randstad, the largest human resources company in the world, has started testing a blend of Cypherium platform and Google Cloud to match expertise with business needs.

In a blog post, the company said the blockchain would provide ways to simplify operational tasks associated with the recruiting of employees by managing the “nuts and bolts” of day-to-day recruitment operations. Thus, the entire process becomes more efficient and successful.

In addition, a recent study undertaken by Randstad showed that the distributed ledger technology (DLT) offered a way to safeguard consumers’ personal data while allowing the verification of academic qualifications, as well as birth dates, addresses and IDs.

Thus, the move aims to match candidates with firms seeking urgent role fulfillment like healthcare services that require emergency personnel after an outbreak of illness.

For his part, Sky Guo, CEO of Cypherium, said customers do not need to manually store all data using the network and could use a database extractor to protect their privacy.

In addition, Guo went up to say:

“If a job candidate wants to prove that he has the grades and diploma, what they need to do is provide the hash of the diploma and the employer can verify that hash with the hash of the university.”

Meanwhile, Frank van der Bijl, Randstad’s global collaboration manager, said a combination of Google Cloud and the Cypherium blockchain would provide the company with an easier way to match the appropriate talent for the workplace.

“Google Cloud and G Suite already free us from some manual verification tasks, and we plan to use Cypherium’s blockchain to hand off even more,” Bijl said.

Blockchain invades all sectors

It seems that the blockchain technology has invaded all sectors, even sports. For example, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) earlier announced its plan to adopt a blockchain-based ticketing system.

The association aims to distribute more than one million match tickets via a blockchain-based mobile app.

The UEFA indicated that the new ticketing system will make entry into the stadium easy and secure.

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