Uquid Acclaims Ripple’s XRP Features in Digital Shopping

Worldwide Digital Shop Uquid praises the features of Ripple’s XRP on its shopping platform. It says the use of the…

3 weeks ago

LBCOIN: World’s First Digital Collector Coin

The Bank of Lithuania, the country’s central bank, is to launch a new digital coin, LBCOIN,on 23 July. [...]

3 weeks ago

$38m in BTC Stolen by Scammers Over 4 Years: Whale Alert

Scammers have stolen $38m in bitcoin over the past four years, according to crypto watchdog Whale Alert. Actually, $24m of this…

3 weeks ago

Cryptocurrency Receives Sharia Seal of Approval in Malaysia

Malaysia’s Sharia Advisory Council has approved cryptocurrency trading, declaring it Sharia compliant. [...]

4 weeks ago

bitFlyer to Develop Crypto-Asset Wallet for Brave’s Japanese Users

The Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer will develop a crypto-asset wallet for Brave browser's users in Japan. On Thursday, bitFlyer announced…

4 weeks ago

Zap releases ‘Strike’ for BTC Transfer through Bank Accounts

In a groundbreaking announcement, Jack Mallers, the founder of Zap, launched on Thursday the company's new cryptocurrency exchange app "Strike".…

4 weeks ago

Tech Mahindra Launches Anti-Media Piracy Blockchain-Based Platform

Tech Mahindra has launched a new digital platform addressing challenges content creators could face in terms of digital piracy. The…

4 weeks ago

Bitcoin Concerns Resurface: $1bn BTC Mysteriously Transferred in the Blink of an Eye

Usually the Bitcoin market is quiet, but recently things have been quite different. An unknown party sent nearly $1bn in…

4 weeks ago

CBDC One of the Most Important Trends for Money Future: Visa’s Crypto Head

The US-based global payments technology company, Visa, is betting on the central bank digital currencies (CBDC) as one of the…

4 weeks ago

Bank of Japan to Start Testing Digital Yen

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) has become the latest of central banks that joined experimenting with the central bank digital…

1 month ago