The Most Important Things to Look Out for In Your Potential Crypto Broker

At its inception, cryptocurrency was traded solely through unique and dedicated cryptocurrency exchanges, or via the OTC market on a…

12 hours ago

Why ChainLink is the Hottest DeFi Coin Right Now

ChainLink (LINK) is a decentralised system that verifies real world data within blockchain-based smart contracts. It was formed in 2014…

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KuCoin Hacker Moves $4.5M of Stolen XRP

KuCoin logo [...]

3 days ago

China Holds Half of Global Blockchain Patents in 2020

China has applied for 4,435 blockchain patents so far, accounting for about half of the world's total, according to the…

4 days ago

Deep Divisions Over Cryptocurrency Risks, Says Survey

Divided opinion on the perceived risks of cryptocurrency, including the links between cryptocurrency and illicit purposes, were among the key…

4 days ago

Will Tax-Free Crypto Convert $1.5 Trillion into Bitcoin?

US company iTrustCapital said allowing customers to invest in Bitcoin tax-free has led to a cryptocurrency boom in recent months.…

4 days ago

Only 2.5M Bitcoin Left to be Mined

About 2.1 million Bitcoin (BTC) remains to be issued, leaving about 2.5 million BTC left to be mined, reported Cointelegraph.…

4 days ago

Bulgarian Cryptocurrency Exchange Owner Convicted of Fraud Conspiracy

Eastern European nations have been experiencing an upsurge in cryptocurrency adoption and innovation regarding blockchain development in their respective countries.…

4 days ago