KFH Bahrain Allows Customers to Open Accounts through Digital Platform

KFH Bahrain Allows Customers to Open Accounts through Digital Platform

Kuwait Finance House – Bahrain (KFH-Bahrain) has allowed its GCC customers to open banking accounts through KFH Jazeel Banking app in just few minutes.

KFH, which is one of the leading Islamic banks in Bahrain, has stated in a press release that the new app allows customers to make banking transactions and receive financial services in the kingdom.

Moreover, clients can open investment agency accounts and issue credit cards as well as enjoying other banking services provided through the application.

Most importantly, this platform, created by Fully-Verified, provides the feature of identifying the customer electronically through verifying his information when making a video conferencing without the need to visit the bank branch.

Jazeel provides comprehensive digital banking experience

The new update of the app ensures commitment to improving the features and services of the platform. Moreover, it reflects the bank’s keenness to provide a comprehensive digital banking experience for customers.

To improve the use of the app, the bank has updated the process of opening accounts to make it easier.

In addition, Jazeel added the possibility of opening investment agency accounts for periods ranging from one month to five years.

As regards the credit cards, customers can issue their cards directly from the platform and choose the appropriate credit limit. Moreover, they can manage the properties of their cards, by downloading “KFH Jazeel Banking” through “Google Play Store” or “Apple App Store”.

Previously, Cryptolydian reported that the World Economic Forum (WEF) has developed, in collaboration with some of the world’s major central banks, a CBDC policymaker toolkit.

Thus, WEF is trying through to help central banks’ policy-makers to understand potential deployment of CBDC.

“We will pilot the new toolkit developed by the World Economic Forum, and hope that it will be an opportunity to learn, grow, and adapt to the changes in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” said Rasheed al Maraj, Governor, Central Bank of Bahrain.

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