KFC Launches Blockchain Pilot for Digital Advertising in Middle East

KFC Launches Blockchain Pilot for Digital Advertising in Middle East

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has rolled out a blockchain pilot program to improve digital advertising and media buying across the Middle East.

KFC Middle East expects the blockchain-powered platform to guarantee greater transparency in the supply chain for advertising. The company is also looking to address issues such as the security and privacy of advertisers, publishers and consumers by deploying the platform.

The pilot aims to show how blockchain can help improve the processing of data, increase the visibility and penetration of the brand and optimize advertising revenues. In addition, KFC hopes to resolve any fraud issues by using a shared blockchain-based database, where all ad delivery and placement information is viewed, shared, and updated in real time.

Ozge Zoralioglu, chief marketing officer at KFC, Yum! Brands, said:

“KFC can now benefit from enhanced visibility of real-time data and the most updated insights – all with full confidence that information is authenticated, tamper-proof and hence credible.”

Fast Food Restaurants and Cryptocurrencies

Previously KFC had experimented with emerging technologies such as cryptocurrencies. Back in 2018, KFC Canada launched a new menu item, the Bitcoin Bucket, which customers could purchase with Bitcoin (BTC) only.

Following the example of KFC, Chicken’s American fast-food chain Church began accepting payments in cryptocurrency Dash (DASH) at its 10 restaurant locations in Venezuela at the time.

Burger King is also known as one of the world’s first fast-food chains to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Visitors at the Netherlands branch of Burger King were reportedly able to buy burgers with crypto back in 2016. Later, Burger King’s German branch started accepting Bitcoin on its website and its mobile app.

Burger King eventually stopped restaurants from accepting Bitcoin, however, and announced that the digital currency payment initiative was merely a temporary promotional campaign.

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