John McAfee Calls BTC Tech ‘Ancient’

John McAfee, a controversial crypto figure, has criticized the Bitcoin, calling it an ancient technology on several limitations.

Earlier, the 74-year old computer programmer expected the cryptocurrency to be valued at $1 million by the end of this year. He has always been advocating privacy and decentralization polices.

The former antivirus tycoon revealed on Saturday his new project that is aimed at tokenizing the U.S. Congress members. He added that the tokens will be listed on McAfeedex.

 “The tokens will be listed on on March 1st, with every token set initially at one penny — Then let the trading begin — Find out what your representative is really worth on the open market,” McAfee said on his Twitter account Saturday.

“No one in Congress would cooperate with us [and] lawsuits were threatened if we proceeded,” he added.

The old programmer has shared a Twitter account “@Buycongressman” so people can follow his new token project.  

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