John McAfee 99% Sure He Knows Satoshi Nakamoto

John McAfee 99% Sure He Knows Satoshi Nakamoto

John McAfee, one of the most prominent altcoin advocates and famous computer programmer, claimed he knows Bitcoin‘s (BTC) anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, McAfee claimed that he is 99 percent sure that he knows Nakamoto.

The sea-bound computer programmer described the general idea that Bitcoin (BTC) was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto as “nonsense”.

He said:

“It was a team of eleven people over a period of five years, that came up, eventually, with [Bitcoin]. How they decided who would write the paper, I don’t know. But anybody who wants to know who it is — I mean, you know who the options are, you’ve got Craig Wright possibly, I’m not going to name everyone else otherwise you’ll figure out who it is, but somebody wrote the whitepaper.”

McAfee discloses clues about Satoshi

McAfee said the stylometry proposed by Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Cardano, is all that is needed to disclose the anonymity of Satoshi’s identity.

He said:

“If you read the whitepaper, number one, it’s totally clear he’s English — every single word that has a different spelling in English and American is English,” McAfee asserts.

“Number two, he left tells. There is only five percent of the population that has two spaces after a period — everything has two spaces after a period. And, the format of the document was identical to documents that he had published professionally,” he adds.

“If you buy a two-hundred dollar authorship program, and you take the whitepaper and you run it through, and you take any one of the papers that he’s published — all of these people wrote papers by the way, only one comes out with ninety-nine percent probability it’s him.”

McAfee no interested in unveiling Satoshi’s identity

Last year, McAfee was to reveal Nakamoto’s identity but retracted following a phone call from the anonymous man. He always confirmed that he has no intention of exposing his identity.

McAfee explained:

 “I have spoken to him on the phone, I was actually going to divulge who he was. Why? Because all of this nonsense was just stupid, people wasting time over nothing — I was going to say, ‘listen, it was this guy.”

“And you know what he told me? Very smart motherf*****, he said ‘Ok, what if you’re wrong?’ He goes, ‘if you’re right, then Satoshi is going to have to hire fifty security guards and change his life, or else he will die.’ Why? Everyone is going to want a piece of him, including the governments that demand that he pay taxes.”

“He said, ‘Ok, if you’re right, then that person has the ability to do something. But what if you’re wrong? You will end up destroying an innocent man’s life forever, and probably cause his death.”

“At that moment, I said ‘I understand, I won’t say no more, and your name will never leave my lips.’ And that is why I never continued past Craig Wright, because the name would have to leave my lips. But if you want to know, figure it out yourself, it’s easy”

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