Italian Red Cross Launches BTC Donation Campaign to Fight Coronavirus

Italian Red Cross Launches Bitcoin Donation Campaign to Fight Coronavirus

The Italian Red Cross and the Colli Albani Committee are raising donations in form of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with the help of Helperbit to combat coronavirus in the country.

Objectives of campaign

The proceeds will be used to create a second-level advanced medical post for pre-triage of COVID-19 cases. The move targets €10,000 to buy the requisite medical equipment for the infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the remaining funds will be used to pay the expenses of the medical professionals participating in the initiative.

For his part, Bruno Pietrosanti, chairman of the Colli Albani, said the commission intends to ease the burden on hospitalization due to the rise in the number of patients and limited number of places available in Italian hospitals.

“We believe that an innovative fundraising tool like Bitcoin can help us find the necessary economic resources, that are very difficult to obtain in this historical moment.”

The initiative is also funded by fintech company Young Srl that supports crypto projects. In addition, it is also supported by Blockchain Awareness Network, a non-profit organization that reports information about Bitcoin and blockchain in Italy.

Commenting on the use of blockchain in this campaign, Young CEO Andrea Ferrero, said:

“I strongly believe that blockchain technology is more effective and transparent to support this type of initiative. Young is a company that aims to create or exploit innovative models to improve existing procedures and we will always be at the forefront in supporting charitable projects, such as the Red Cross one.”

In Italy, the death toll from Coronavirus has exceeded 1,200, with more than 17,600 cases reported, according to official data.

Blockchain in education

Two high schools in Italy will issue easy-to-share diplomas using public blockchain technology from the Ethereum.

Thus, the move aims to make the entire issuance and traceability more transparent, in addition to solving a long-standing issue in the country: fake diplomas.

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