IOTA-Pickert Deal Allows Zero-Defect Production in Manufacturing Industry

IOTA-Pickert Deal Allows Zero-Defect Production in Manufacturing Industry

Pickert & Partner GmbH, Germany-based software developer, is collaborating with the IOTA Foundation to provide zero-defect production in the manufacturing industry, using the IOTA Tangle, Crypto News Flash website reported.

Pickert specializes in the creation of digital twins and has 380 clients and over 215,000 users worldwide. It aims to use the IOTA Tangle technology to extend its business in order to avoid future modifications to the data when building trust and decentralization.

The move aims to ensure data traceability during the manufacturing of the product, not just during production. Thus, the solution’s main goal is to insure that only perfect goods are created every day, which means there will be no overheating mobile phone batteries or defective washing machines any more.

Technical solution from Pickert, IOTA

All related data is not only used for tracking in the designed solution, but is also individually assigned to each product and its unique serial number. This provides a digital twin for each individual product, which makes analyzing errors more easily afterwards.

Practically, the technology developed by Pickert and IOTA allows the generation and collection of data during the production. Upon completion of a process stage, Pickert’s ZERO defects submit the data through the IOTA Connector to the Tangle. Pickert stated:

“Usually we collect the data using OPC UA which is a common standard in industry. We have to make sure that all involved systems are integrated, in some cases a retrofitting of old machines and IoT devices is necessary. As soon as we have the data, we send it to ActiveMQ and use it in ZERO defects to visualize the live data and to react on anomalies.

After completion of a production step, ZERO defects sends the aggregated data in JSON format to the ActiveMQ IOTA Topic. The IotaConnector Microservice is listening to the ActiveMQ IOTA Topic and as soon as data is incoming, the IOTA Connector prepares and sends the received data as IOTA Transaction to the Tangle.”

Weiss: IOTA replaces XRP for 3rd rank

The rating agency Weiss Ratings has updated its rankings, with the Bitcoin (BTC), the biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, maintaining its leadership. It was followed by Ethereum (ETH), and then IOTA.

With a “B” rating, IOTA came after BTC and ETH as both got a “B+.” The ranking in the “technology and adaptation” grade is positive for IOTA with a “B+”. However, Ripple (XRP) and IOTA only received a “D-” rating for “market performance”.

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