IOTA Developer Says Coordicide Testnet to Be Launched Soon

IOTA Developer Says Coordicide Testnet to Be Launched Soon

Charlie Varley, IOTA developer, said the first Coordicide testnet will be launched within weeks. The testnet will include different tools so it can test the new functions without any risk.

In a Reddit post, Varley shared his view with the community, indicating that IOTA has made considerable progress in the development of both Chrysalis and Bee. He added that such features are complex and need more attention from the community.

Chrysalis aims to provide an improved network in terms of transaction processing per second and speed of confirmation.

Moreover, Comnet, a new test network consisting of Hornet nodes only, has been launched by some members of the community. The transaction throughput per second reached 150, with a confirmation rate of 99 percent.

Varley explained that the first tests are promising and that the test network is fully functional without the chrysalis improvements so far.

Coordicide is a solution offered by IOTA for complete decentralization. Varley also referred to Coordicide IOTA 2.0, which is being developed and tested in GoShimmer.

In addition, he said the GoShimmer test network will reflect the full potential of various components:  

A GoShimmer testnet will demonstrate how Coordicide and its various components (including consensus, Mana etc.) work and provide an environment for developers to learn about the new possibilities Coordicide will enable (think coloured coins, dApps etc.).

IOTA launches prototype for smart packstation

At the last IOTA VR Meetup, a prototype was presented for packstation, which transfers significant order data between the different actors within a decentralized, open-source trading place.   

 IOTA is already used in several countries, such as Trondheim, to apply the concept of Smart City. The city administration will serve as a live lab for testing the possibilities of IOTA.

The move reflects the company’s keenness to make people’s daily life easier especially at the time of coronavirus (Covid-19). In the Smart City, several operations are being automated so the epidemic could not weigh people’s life.

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