IOTA-Based Open Marketplace Launches in 3 German Cities

IOTA _ Marketplace _ demonstration _ German cities

The IOTA Open Marketplace (OMA) continues to make great strides forward. The project seeks to provide a decentralized marketplace for food and other goods like multinational companies such as Amazon and Uber.

Buyers and sellers can communicate easily, without the need for an intermediary to receive large commissions, Crypto News Flash website reported.

The IOTA-based project allows processing transactions freely and anonymously. It has been recognized as the best app of the fifth week at CODEVID19 Hackathon.

The development team has stated that the project was launched in Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf for demonstration purposes. However, the development is still in the initial stages:

“The development is in a very early stage and the server setup is not final, so they could belong loading times while using a marketplace. Check out the first three demo marketplaces. More coming soon!”

Huhn, one of OMA developers, said the demos do not include real shops, adding that the data will be complemented in the next steps:

“There are no real shops behind them yet – these are only open data from Open Street Map. We want to get more information about the shops – with the help of the local leaders and the shops themselves. The next steps here – going to the shops, so they can say, “hey, this is my shop”. Then we’re going to do a matching between open data and real world. So that then something can be sold.”

The team of developers is looking for “local leaders” who can help expand the project’s presence. The local leader is a person” who “knows everything that is happening in their city”. Thus, one person is initially needed for each city.

“Local leaders will create a marketplace and takes care of it. The second step is to build a team within the city and collect feedback, report it and solve problems and build improvements with other local teams.”

IOTA’s partner BiiLabs joins hands with Kdan Mobile

BiiLabs, IOTA’s long-term partner, has announced cooperating with Kdan Mobile, Taiwanese software development company.

The deal aims to integrate the Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) into Kdan’s “DottedSign”. Moreover, BiiLabs will use the IOTA-based Alfred API.

What is Alfred?

Alfred is software used by companies to develop proof of existence (PoE). Through the API, personal or corporate internal IoT data may be processed in real time on the IOTA Tangle.

BiiLabs provides its clients Alfred API with the ability to access Amazon AWS, as well as Sentinel Appliance hardware and IOTA technologies to protect the data from manipulation.

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