IOTA-Based Intelligent Sensor ‘Lidbot’ Deployed in 8 Countries

IOTA-Based Intelligent Sensor ‘Lidbot’ Installed in 8 Countries

Lidbot has collaborated with IOTA to develop an intelligent sensor based on the IOTA tangle, Crypto News Flesh website reported.

The sensor gathers data in a waste management system and stores it in a tamper-proof manner on the tangle.

In addition, it enables waste management firms to track resource demands in real-time and alerts companies as soon as a fill point is hit. Lidbot is connected to a recycling bin, like a garbage can, and tests the fill level. 

When a certain upper limit is reached, the waste management firm receives an alert that it should empty the container. The system calculates the distance from the bottom to the cap, and can turn any waste container into an IoT unit.

No maintenance costs

The system operates autonomously without the need for any other device. Three AA batteries provide the sensor with power for seven years, so the only cost for maintenance is to replace the batteries.

Lidbot stated that its smart sensors were already deployed in more than eight countries across the world, with the first batch delivered in January. Customers receive fully-assembled sensors so they just need to install the batteries and put the Lidbot in the correct location.

IOTA expands business

Cryptolydian reported yesterday that BiiLabs, IOTA’s long-term partner, has announced cooperating with Kdan Mobile, Taiwanese software development company.

The deal aims to integrate the Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) into Kdan’s “DottedSign”. Moreover, BiiLabs will use the IOTA-based Alfred API.

Alfred is software used by companies to develop proof of existence (PoE). Through the API, personal or corporate internal IoT data may be processed in real time on the IOTA Tangle.

BiiLabs provides its clients Alfred API with the ability to access Amazon AWS, as well as Sentinel Appliance hardware and IOTA technologies to protect the data from manipulation.

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