Indian Minister Urges Adoption of Blockchain in School Development

The Indian Minister of Telecommunications has requested from the National Informatics Centre (NIC) to use the blockchain technology in the development of public schools.

The Minister has unveiled this significant decision during the inauguration of the Center of Excellence on Saturday.

“I am very keen how we can leverage blockchain in primary education. In fact today I am going to give you a task, NIC team. Can you think of a good application of blockchain technology for improving the quality of government schools all over the country?” Minister Ravi Shankar said.

He highlighted the importance of blockchain technology in the improvement of education, especially as the country has nearly 26,000 companies, 9,000 of which are operating in the education sector.

“Public schools are good, private schools are good, but my take would be that we shall be able to leverage technology when transformational change takes place,” the minister added.

Although India is still lagging behind in blockchain technology, local investors are showing interest in cryptocurrencies.

It was earlier reported that India’s highest court has delayed a hearing on the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) barring of banks providing services to individuals and companies involved in the crypto business.

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