Incognito-Zilliqa Partnership Allows Privacy for Crypto Transactions

The privacy-centric platform Incognito has entered into partnership with the most popular exchanges Zilliqa and Binance to provide privacy for their customers.

Since data is considered a precious commodity in the crypto world, protection of such data has become of utmost importance for crypto enthusiasts.    

Under the collaboration agreement, users will have access to pZIL, a 1:1 private version of the ZIL token, and get liquidity for pZIL.

Duy Huynh, chief executive officer of Incognito, said, “Beyond the oft-touted benefits of blockchain as a transparent, immutable ledger, the reality we’ve been forced to confront as a collective industry is that complete exposure is not always applicable in every case.”

To receive pZIL, users just need to send ZIL to the Incognito wallet so they can access the software with complete privacy. They can also deposit tokens into the Incognito wallet and receive pZIL in return.

Amrit Kumar, chief scientific officer of Zilliqa, said, “This collaboration with Incognito comes at a logical time in our growth as we explore privacy tools in order to enhance Zilliqa’s real-world usability.”

“As emerging markets continue to digitize their financial infrastructures, we remain committed to offering affordable and accessible alternatives that are developed with the needs of a future-oriented digital economy in mind,” she noted.

Last year, Zilliqa has collaborated with Singapore-based fintech platform Xfers to provide more than 500,000 clients in the region with blockchain-based payments.

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