ICC Launches Blockchain-Based App to Ease Travel Amid Pandemic

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has launched a blockchain-based app on September 6, aiming to facilitate the travel during COVID-19 pandemic.
Blockchain-based app making pandemic travel easier has launched

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) launched a blockchain-based app, on 6 September, to facilitate travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safe Travel with ICC AOKpass

To clarify, the app, called ICC AOKpass, allows its users to instantly check their COVID-19 status including immunity passports.

ICC AOKpass uses a common global standard that can be deployed and used around the world today. It can adapt to the rules of any country and allows users to instantly check their COVID-19 compliance status anytime, anywhere.

Dorjee Sun, CEO of blockchain company Perlin – CIR Magazine

Pilot Trials

A couple of companies, including Singapore-based firm Energy Drilling and International SOS, have tested ICC AOKpass. International SOS is the first partner to pilot the solution for its employees. This would allow the controlled resumption of work.

“The successful ICC AOKpass pilot project with Energy Drilling is encouraging as it marks a milestone in our journey. The goal of implementing a reliable and standardised global system is to facilitate return to work in many industries. Over time, we hope this will see widespread adoption to facilitate a quick, safe, and secure return to work.”

Juliana Gim, Managing Director of International SOS Singapore

Why Blockchain Technology?

Firstly, users are in control of their data, as they only share essential information with the employer, other authorities, and third-parties.

Secondly, users can also download the ICC AOKpass app on their mobile device and use it to store a copy of their COVID-19 compliance certificate. 

ICC AOKpass gives full control to individuals but easily accessible when authorities need verification of COVID-19 compliance status.

Chester Drum, co-founder of AOKpass, who is also a medical practitioner

In conclusion, the new app solution is now customisable to meet the needs of companies and governments, allowing immune and low-risk individuals to return to work safely.

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