Huawei Unveils Strategies for Building Digital Communities

Huawei Unveils Strategies for Building Digital Communities

Following the cancellation of the World Mobile Congress, which was scheduled to be held in late February, Huawei has organized several conferences and live events.

During such events, the company has announced several initiatives, products and new solutions that are designed to fulfill the current requirements of telecom operators, governments and institutions.

Thus, the move is part of the company’s efforts to enter the digital era and make the necessary transformations.

According to a press release, Huawei unveiled its plan to continue developing state-of-the-art technologies such as the 5G and artificial intelligence. This reflects the company’s keenness to continue supporting its customers despite the current challenges that are driven by the U.S. efforts to obstruct Huawei’s business growth, especially as regards the 5G network development.

Ding: Huawei inks 91 new 5G deals

CEO Ryan Ding has unveiled the latest 5G products and solutions during the launch of the new 5G Partner Innovation Program. Thus, these efforts aim to create an innovative ecosystem that will contribute to the success of 5G technologies.

In addition, Ding went up to indicate that his company has succeeded in signing 91 new 5G commercial agreements, thanks to its great developments in the field of providing innovative products, solutions and services.

Song: Huawei offers topnotch 6G products

For his part, Peng Song, President of Huawei’s Carrier BG Marketing, stressed that Huawei’s launch of new products and solutions aims to support the efforts of telecom operators to provide new experiences for their users.

In this context, Huawei unveiled the first inevitable network solutions directed from the 5G network, which aims to provide distinctive new services for individuals, homes and institutions.

Cryptolydian earlier reported that, amid the acceleration of global blockchain adoption, countries in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) are expected to tremendously increase their spending on blockchain technology during the next few years.

A new report by the US-based market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) revealed that governments across MEA will see a 400 percent increase in their investment to blockchain-based solutions within the coming four years.

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