How Can Blockchain Help Healthcare Sector Fight Coronavirus?

How Can Blockchain Help Healthcare Sector Fight Coronavirus?

The whole world is extremely scared of the rapid spread of coronavirus, so we may ask if the blockchain technology would help the healthcare sector overcome the epidemic.

Earlier, light was shed on the importance of using the blockchain in supporting the healthcare sector, but it is important now to focus on this technology and make use of it in combating the coronavirus.

Blockchain in Global Medical Research

With the outbreak of coronavirus “Covid-19”, it became necessary that the whole world should lend a hand in discovering a drug for the epidemic.    

There is no doubt that several public and private research institutions are exerting great efforts to win the honor of discovering an anti-coronavirus drug.

Medical science, as well known, is usually based on cumulative experience. Thus, if the world looks for efficient communication in this regard, the blockchain will be the only way to collect all relevant research and experiments. This will help scientists to easily access such research and finally offer the best solution.

Blockchain in Pharmaceutical Industry

According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), 10% of drugs in Asia, Africa and Latin America are falsified. This percentage may reach nearly 30% in some African countries.

If we set aside the financial damages resulting from these falsified products, we will find that they may negatively impact the health of patients or even may lead to death.

The blockchain can also help pharmacists access all stages of drug development, starting from scientific research to pharmacies where the medicine is sold.

In addition, the technology helps pharmaceutical companies to identify the places that suffer from drug shortages inside and outside any country. Thus, they can communicate with the place and provide it with the necessary drugs.

Accordingly, we are in a dire need of this technology at the present time, as in case of discovering an effective drug for the epidemic, several fraudsters will try to offer falsified products to make high profits.

In addition, the blockchain would help deliver the drug to some places that are most affected by the epidemic and suffer from drug shortage.

Medical History of Patient and Disease

Many diseases similar to Coronavirus (COVID-19) erupted before in many places in the world, and perhaps it appeared somewhere and did not spread, and so it did not take the degree of current interest.

And if there was a blockchain network that recorded the history of this disease, it might have made it easier for those who are seeking a cure for the disease.

Additionally, in the event of recording the current situation, the places in which the disease is present, rates of infection, rates of recovery and the number deaths, then perhaps, by making simple calculations, those involved in finding the cure can know the places that are less prevalent and the faster ones in healing and inspecting the environments for what can help in treatment.

As for the patient, the patient’s medical record helps a lot in treatment process acceleration, so the patient may perform x-rays and medical examinations at some time, and once he is exposed to the same disease he may need to re-do all of these checks only because he does not have a copy of them.

On the other hand, some patients’ bodies do not accept certain medicinal substances because they cause them health problems.

And in the event that one of them is exposed to a sudden accident, and the lack of this information with the doctor may lead to giving him medication that causes him health issues, and instead of his rapid relief, it gets worse.

But in the event that there is a historical record for each patient with all the examinations and medications that his body do not accept, then the doctor can check in a few minutes to avoid any negative impacts.

And in the case of Coronavirus, with the spread of disease and increasing number of patients, the blockchain network could have saved the world billions of dollars and hours.

Maintain Confidentiality of Data for Drugs and Patients

In 2015, the data of 100 million Americans registered on computers was stolen, which caused a major crisis.

Some of the data is confidential, the patient can be exploited and extorted through it.

This data may be used in intelligence operations from hostile states.

During the world war against Coronavirus that some in China accused America, as they say that America perhaps stroke Wuhan of China with Coronavirus.

Although the Civil Rights Office of the US Department of Health & Human Services issued an alert on this matter in 2009, the failure to respond to this alert led to the disaster in 2015.

According to the US Department of Health, data of more than 50% of the United States population was stolen during the period between 2009 and 2015.

That’s why the blockchain network is very important, as among its characteristic confidentiality and reliability.

Blockchain and Confidentiality of Drug

Same thing applies to medicines, as hundreds of patents are stolen and infringed on the rights of their owners, and the billions were obtained unlawfully, which may be one of the obstacles in the way of scientific research.

On the other hand, there are some medicines prove to be ineffective in some environments after invention, or the emergence of more effective drugs than them, or they come with some warnings about this or that medicine, unless human traffickers neglect them to generate profits.

Thus, if a historical record was made for each drug, it would be easy for every doctor around the world will reach everything related to the drug by simply searching in the name of it, and the latest update that was recorded about it, and possibly avoid many mistakes.


Relying on blockchain in the health sector, in addition to the millions of dollars it could be saved, will save millions of hours and help save millions of lives as well, especially at the present time, which has become inevitable for the whole world to unite to confront the epidemic that launched a war against the entire world, and it is obligatory to enter into that war with all capabilities, so that its consequences cannot be made.

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