Cardano’s Co-founder: “Friends and Family” Testnet to Be Released 11 May

Hoskinson: “Friends and Family” Testnet to Be Released 11 May

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), has recently talked about the latest Cardano developments in a video update. He highlighted the significant developments made with the product managers, Crypto News Flash website reported.

Hoskinson also appreciated the community’s regular feedback, indicating that this helped Cardano to move forward. He also said the “Friends and Family Testnet” will be released on 11 May.

“We thought it was a really good idea that we trainup a cohort that can basically work in tandem with our with our people. First it’s a sanity to verify that the software does what we think it does and it broadens our QA base. […] We can have basically a big resource surge on beta testing and get people to help us to get some last-minute configurations.”

The CEO explains that the community as a whole should be interested in utilizing the latest resources and thus no Cardano or IOHK employee has to answer open questions. This is essential for Cardano’s long-term development and adaptation.

Hoskinson indicated that several changes are expected in May. Nonetheless, both the CEO and his team are moving into a kind of “flow” where all members seek to fix all issues and push the project ahead. According to Hoskinson, this passion and commitment can only be found at Cardano.  

Cardano receives an overwhelming response in over 100 countries worldwide currently. Hoskinson said Cardano is not yet engaged in aggressive marketing because the brand must be formed. He added that several investors consider the price but does not look at the actual benefits of the technology.

“We’re trying to reinvent society that’s what this has always been about as an industry. We’re trying to redefine poeple’s relationship with property rights, their privacy, their identity, their wealth and we’re trying to build global markets that are fair for the least amongst us as much as they are for the best amongst us […].”

Hoskinson prefers not to be referred to as Ethereum Founder

Hoskinson earlier posted a tweet on his account, asking the media to stop referring to him as co-founder of Ethereum.

He, instead, asked to be referred to as the founder of Cardano to which he devoted the most of his time.

“One of these days, the Crypto media will stop using co-founder of Ethereum and just mention Cardano. And that’s going to be a really good day. There is no project or effort I’ve been involved with throughout my entire life that I’m more proud of than Cardano. Fives years++.”

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