Horizon Blockchain Games Raises $5M Funding for Crypto Card Game

Horizon Blockchain Games Raises $5M Funding for Crypto Card Game

Horizon Blockchain Games has announced securing funding worth $5 million in a round led by Initialized Capital; an investment company co-founded by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

“We are welcoming ConsenSys, CMT Digital and Regah Ventures as new investors, and want to thank our existing partners Golden Ventures, DCG and Polychain, for their continued support,” Horizon stated in a blog post.

“We’re honored to have the strategic and financial backing of world-class partners and experts to supercharge our vision.”

The company will use the funds in developing its first game ‘SkyWeaver’, said co-founder Peter Kieltyka, adding that his company will continue building and developing its blockchain infrastructure.

Game has over 90,000 players

SkyWeaver’s private beta version has 12,000 test players currently, and more than 90,000 players are waiting for accessing the crypto card game.

Kieltyka noted that his company has worked on optimizing the game and enhancing the user interface, as well as checking its marketplace on the Ethereum testnet for card trading.

The company went up to add in the blog post:

“As part of our Private Beta, the SkyWeaver Preseason is already live, and SkyWeaver Season 0 begins later this month! With 500 unique cards to choose from, Season 0 players will compete for top spots on the leaderboard, and the top 1,000 players will earn rewards that they’ll be able to play with, trade and sell once Open Beta begins later this year.”

The original vision of SkyWeaver goes back to 2018, and it aimed to give players an open economy with play-to-earn benefits. Its exclusive Weave and Gold card rewards help achieve the company’s vision through a free-to-enter reward system.

“To make SkyWeaver possible, we’ve developed a number of novel protocols and transaction infrastructure for Ethereum,” the company added.

Blockchain to improve industrial activities

Juan Miguel Perez CEO and co-founder of Finboot, a Spanish blockchain software firm, said in a blog post that corporations that advocate responsibilities for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives should adopt blockchain technology.

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