Hardware Wallet Producer Ledger Starts Supporting Tron

Hardware Wallet Producer Ledger Starts Supporting Tron

Ledger, a hardware wallet leader, has stated that its wallet software supports cryptocurrency Tron (TRX), Cointelegraph website reported.

Ledger Live, Ledger’s official wallet software, allows its users to manage their Tron addresses. In addition, users can stake their TRX directly from the app.

The company stated:

“You can now manage your Tron (TRX) into Ledger Live and stake them, which means getting rewards without doing anything!”

To celebrate TRX support, Ledger has announced holding a contest. 100 users of the participants will win up to $2,000 in TRX and a Ledger Nano X.

Hardware wallet most secure for average user

Away from the systems that may be either complicated or too expensive, hardware wallets could be the most secure place to store one’s cryptocurrencies.

However, having the wallet doesn’t mean that the user will not be subject to steal. Thus, he must be mindful that the recovery seed of his wallet should never be revealed to a computer.

TRON, Ethereum on top of CCID rankings

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) has published the 17th report on evaluation of the top cryptocurrencies. The center publishes the report once a month to compare the best recognized blockchain projects in the crypto space.

EOS maintains leadership

EOS, TRON and Ethereum have been in the top positions for a long time. With an average ranking of 156.1, EOS has taken the leadership for over 4 months. It was followed by TRON (138.4) and Ethereum (136.4).

On the other hand, Bitcoin ranked 14th in the ranking with 104.9.

The ranking is based on different metrics which aim to present crypto projects in a clear matrix. In addition, the index shows the accessibility of real life and business. 

The CCID ranking clearly analyses cryptocurrencies that seek to provide tremendous promise for businesses and investors.

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