Google Unlocks Ban on Browser Extension Metamask

Ethereum browser extension Metamask has begun the new year with a positive piece of news stating that the search giant Google has decided to lift its ban on Metamask add-on.

The browser extension, which attracts 260,000 users a month, is now made available following no less than a week of suspension, given Google’s strict policy that does not “allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices.”

The incident does not seem to be the first time for Google to delist Metamask. In July 2019, the company had removed the app from its Chrome Web Store.

In a similar move that caused howl of outrage in the crypto community,
Google subsidiary YouTube removed hundreds of crypto videos without a prior warning. However, it later claimed this was just an error, which raised concerns if Google had a crypto problem.

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[…] Google also suspended the mobile wallet Metamask, which is owned by Ethereum, from its Google Play Store, a move that as ascribed to applying a financial services policy that bans the ability to mine cryptocurrency on mobile for Play Store apps. The decision was later overturned. […]

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